IRS Collection Enforcement Update

IRS Collection Enforcement Update

In late 2018, the IRS got a new commissioner, Charles (Chuck) Rettig and he has recently appointed Eric Hylton as the head of the “Small Business/Self-Employed” Division of the IRS.

The significance of Mr. Hylton’s appointment is that he used to be the Deputy Chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

Both Commissioners Rettig and Hylton emphasized at a recent American Bar Association meeting in Las Vegas that, “IRS collection enforcement is back with a capital E”.

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Currently there are fifteen (15) million taxpayers that are in “collection inventory” with the IRS. The IRS has identified another seven (7) million non-filing taxpayers that they will be contacting shortly.

“Big data” isn’t just the province of FaceBook, Google and credit card companies any more. The IRS is using it to identify non-filers, fraudulent tax preparers and payroll tax cheats.

In the past, if you thought that not filing a tax return meant that the IRS won’t know where you are, think again.

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