The IRS has a program where you may qualify to have penalties for late filing of tax returns, late payment of taxes or late deposit of payroll taxes (if you have a business and employees) “abated” or removed and either applied against other tax years, the current tax year or even refunded to you.

The program is called “First Time Abatement” or “FTA” and it covers tax years 2001 to the present.

My firm, By The Book Taxes, located in Norwalk, CT., specializes in income tax preparation and tax resolution services.

Here’s how FTA works:

  • Have a tax professional pull your tax history for years 1998-2018
  • Look for a tax year that had significant late filing or late payment penalties
  • If the three (3) tax years prior to the penalty year are “clean” (no penalties), the IRS will “abate” (remove) the tax penalties for that year.
  • You can then use the abated taxes to pay down balances for other tax years, pay estimated taxes for the current tax year or have them refunded to you.

If you think you might qualify for “first time abatement”, please call or email me. I charge a contingency fee based upon how much I can recover for you but there is no cost to you if I do the research and you don’t qualify.