There are two types of Offers in Compromise (Doubt as to Collectability) that a taxpayer may make:

  1. Lump Sum Offer – Based upon Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP) variables of:

           a) Net Equity in Assets
           b) 12 months of Future Income

  1. Short-Term Deferred Offer – Also based upon RCP but this time with 24 months of Future Income.

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For Lump Sum Offers the taxpayer is required to pay the application fee (currently $186) and put a 20% deposit (of the Offer amount) as a down payment. These payments should be made in two separate checks. Should the Offer be accepted, the taxpayer would then have to pay the remaining balance within five (5) months of acceptance.

For a Short Term Deferred Offer, the $186 fee is required, the 20% deposit is not required and the taxpayer must make monthly payments equal to 1/24th of the Offer amount while the Offer is being considered. Upon acceptance, the taxpayer must then pay the remaining balance in no less than 6 months and no more than 24 months.

For a more detailed explanation of RCP, read this blog,–ct–the-secret-sauce-of-tax-resolution—-rcp- or watch this YouTube video,

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