By The Book specializes in hands-on, personalized tax preparation and client representation. I believe smaller is better. So, there’s only me, Michael O’Leary. I will give your tax return individualized attention all the way through—initial interview, preparation, and final review.


The Process

We talk

 When you call for an appointment, we’ll talk about your current situation (job, kids, mortgage, other income, self-employment—you get the picture). Armed with that information, I will tell you what tax forms you need to file and what information you should bring when we meet (like all the envelopes marked “important tax document”).

We meet

 When we get together, I’ll ask more questions to be sure you get all the deductions and credits you qualify for. Then I’ll put all the numbers in the right places, double check everything, and review the final return with you before filing. Both of us sign; I sign as your tax preparer, registered with the IRS.

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    Should you owe the government, I can help you get on a payment plan. Should you get a refund, I’ll remind you next year that you have to count that as income. In either case, we’ll discuss how to correct that situation by recalculating your withholding and/or estimated quarterly taxes.

I file

 After that, everything is quick and easy—because I’m authorized to e-file federal and all 50 state income tax returns. Registration, by the way, requires passing personal and financial background checks and submitting fingerprints. In addition, I carry professional liability insurance.


Why me?

All totaled, it’s CPA quality—without CPA prices! And when it’s done By The Book,

you know it’s been done right.


... “when it’s done

By The Book,

you know it’s been

done right"

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